Teachers at Sangha

Each teacher in the sangha brings a special quality and gift to share. Below are the teachers that are on the schedule regularly, but there is also several teachers that drop in and share their gifts in the space as well.

Jessica 500hr RYT & Certified Curvy Yoga Teacher

Jessica is a charismatic, fun loving, body positive yoga instructor. She completed nursing school to realize how stressed, overwhelmed, and over stimulated everyone in the medical field and the community in general had the tendency to be and desired to find balance. After years of dabbling in her personal practice on the mat and attending yoga classes off and on through out the years, she decided to start yoga teacher training in early 2017.

She teaches an array of classes from restorative to slow flow classes that assist her students in not only moving their bodies but moving past mental or emotional blocks they may have surrounding their bodies and self worth. Her classes provide encouragement to find confidence to live life more fully by infusing self love and awareness into each practice on the mats.

Jessica received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Avani Yoga Studio in Hastings Nebraska & Evolve to Harmony Yoga Studio in Omaha Nebraska in October 2017 and in January of 2019, she completed her 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Pranam Yoga Shala in Omaha Nebraska. Jessica is also a certified Curvy Yoga Teacher, in which she studied the use of all props and modifications for all body types, sizes and gender.

Bobbi 200hr RYT

Bobbi Pettit has lived and worked in the Kearney Community for almost 10 years. She is the owner of Kearney Ashtanga Based Yoga and has been teaching in the home of Sangha Yoga Studio for the past year and a half.  

In 2014, Bobbi came to the realization that it was time to trade her busy life for a full one. Shortly after she began her search for a more meaningful life, Bobbi discovered Jody Augustynn's Yoga Teacher Training School just 50 miles north of her in Loup City, NE.  After spending every other weekend in Loup City for 6 months, Bobbi became a Registered Yoga Teacher. 


Bobbi fell in love with Ashtanga Yoga, which uses breath control, grounding poses, and the 8 limbs of yoga to help the student train mind as well as the body. The focus of Bobbi's teaching to help her students instill a sense of peace and calm inside. 


The saying at Kearney Ashtanga Based Yoga is that Yoga is not a weird religion, exclusive club, or fitness fad, it is a life changing journey that will lead you back to your soul. 

Jen 200hr RYT & RPYT

Jenifer started her quest in the yoga community in 2005, in search of a new “work out”, and found a home. As time passed, her thirst for more knowledge deepened. She enrolled in a prenatal class while pregnant with her 4th kiddo and completely fell in love with all that yoga had
to offer.


As her studies continued with teachers Helen Albrecht and Catherine Snow she felt compelled to dive deeper into her yogic journey. In April 2017 she enrolled in Avani’s 200 hr Teacher Training beginning a new chapter in her life. She was also drawn to complete training
at Evolve to Harmony, with Carole Westerman, and became certified as a Prenatal Yoga Instructor.


She has recently completed 9 hours of collaborative teaching with mentor Catherine Snow, and is determined to bring innovation & creativity to the teaching process. She plans to continue to pursue further education while she launches into teaching regular classes. She feels blessed to be surrounded by the love and support of her family and yoga community, and can’t wait to see you on the mat.

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Catherine 200hr CYT

Catherine sees Yoga as a system for well-being unique to each individual. She strives to foster a spirit of inquiry while emphasizing the foundations of the practice of yoga. All her classes are infused with humor, wisdom, and love. Her greatest joy is sharing guidance along the path.

Catherine’s first glimpse of the yogic path came in 1978 when she completed training in Transcendental Meditation. She was introduced to the practice of the physical poses (asana) in the early 1980s while living in Philadelphia. Many years of sporadic practice followed as access to instruction came and went.


Finally, in 2000 Catherine found competent yoga instruction available, when she needed it most, to recover from a “whiplash” injury. Her desire to deepen her practice and develop a deeper understanding of the journey that had begun some 20 years earlier led her to One Tree Yoga in Omaha.


In 2009 she completed their 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training under the direction of Theresa Murphy. She founded WILD ROSE YOGA in 2009, and has been teaching since.


The more she learns, the more there is to learn. Continuing education with Prajna Yoga, of Santa Fe, and others helps to inspire Catherine’s ongoing explorations and deepens her yogic journey. She is currently enrolled in Eleven Moons; a Goddess Odyssey, with RR Shakti of Inner Power Yoga, based in Boulder.

~ May you bloom with every breath


Rikki has been on her yoga path since 2003. She found that practicing yoga when life was a bit stressful to be her saving grace and instantly fell in love with the inner peace she felt after practicing.


Since finding yoga, Rikki has aimed to assist anyone interested in yoga and finding their inner peace and embarked on her yoga teacher training in early 2017.  


Rikki holds a non-judgmental space and her down to earth vibe is inviting for any student.  She teaches slow flow to yin inspired yoga classes. This allows for space and mini meditative moments in class, to find stillness in the business of our lives.  


Rikki has had many teachers on her path and will always be a student. She received  her  training through Avani Yoga Studio (Hastings NE) and Evolve to Harmony (Omaha NE).  She is also a recent graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition health coaching program.

Lori 200hr RYT

received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Pranam Yoga Shala in Omaha Nebraska in February 2019. .

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Sara 200hr RYT & Certified Health Coach

There’s so much more to yoga than getting toned arms or balancing in a handstand. Yoga allows you to go inward and cultivate more compassion, gratitude, peace and patience.


Yoga helped Sara create a more positive outlook, find a healthy balance, and feel more empowered in every area of her life. 


In her yoga classes, she offers dynamic flows integrating basic poses with creative sequencing, focus on the breath, and opportunity for stillness. Sara creates a welcoming environment, offers modifications and alternative pose options when needed, and allows space for students to do what feels good. 


In 2016, Sara completed her 200-hour certification through Evolve to Harmony Yoga in Omaha and Avani Yoga Studio in Hastings, Nebraska. She studied under Carol Westerman, Suzanne Wright and Elizabeth Israel. 


Sara is also a certified health coach.

Sangha is a shared space for teachers to come together in one place to offer their teachings in a community based room.


Interested in using the space to teach your class? Contact Jess by calling/texting or emailing her.